Administration Panel

for Nodejs

Featuring secure and scalable API.
With great UI and Documentation
to make you most productive developer.
Made with Passport GraphQL Vue-Js and Tailwind


Future of Admin-Panel

Scalable Node Application Programming Interface



4.9 k




Light UI


Vue.js + Node = ❤

In 2020-25 it make more sense to use Vuejs. We are constantly updating our platform with latest updates. We will release security patches ASAP. We are planning to launch this platform with vue 3.

Code Driven Configuration

Configure your entire Snapi dashboard with simple Javascript code. None of your Snapi configuration is stored in the database. Painless to configure. Painless to deploy.

Keeps Your Application Pure

It’s a breeze to add a Snapi administration panel to an existing Nodejs application without touching your models. After configuring a Nova resource for each model, you’re ready for lift off.


Live Chat New

Live chat implementations, with ability to create custom chat rooms and supports both group and private chat.

Advance filters New

Filter your data with graphql backend which will result into quick response from the backend. Out of the box support for array-filters. Filter your data however you want.

SNAPI media New

Upload your content from a single backend. SNAPI media will resemble the LINUX directory structure and users with appropriate permission can restrict other users from deleting data and many more.

Live Notifications New

Support for live notifications and notifications state management with http requests. Notification queue allow you to schedule notifications.

Auto API resources New

We auto generate APIs for your front-end which can be customized later.

Advance queries

Advance query support out of the box with Graphql and Postgres. Querying data from your front-end was never been this easy.


Add custom actions from your backend, which includes email queuing. Scheduling posts and notifications become easy with snapi.

JWT auth & providers

Out of the box supports JWT Authentication, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Github and Local Authentication Strategies.

Custom Fields

Generate forms with custom fields and custom rules to make it easy to manage your data.

SEO Implementation

Google Search Console integration with SEO best practices. Responsive design for all devices and leveraging browser cache for optimal performance out of the box.

CORS Implementation

Restrict spammers and hackers to use your API and save your server resources by implementing CORS Policy.

Editor Panel

We provide a great user experience by implementing block style editor which also supports markdown. Editor panel is responsive, so no matter which device you have, you will be able to edit your content.

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